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5 Steps to Bathroom Shelves that are Both Stylish & Functional

5 Steps to Bathroom Shelves that are Both Stylish & Functional

Keep clutter to a minimum by employing this plan for attractive, yet hardworking bathroom shelves.

Your bathroom shelves may not be something you think about frequently, but they definitely deserve some attention. Typically filled with lots of little items — many that you use often, if not daily — bathroom shelves are easily cluttered up. Don’t let your important stuff get pushed into the deep, dark crevices of your cabinets. Use these tips to place what you need front and center, and look good while there.

1. Small Bathrooms Need Adjustable Shelves

While built-ins are ideal for large bathroom spaces, adjustable shelves that can be customized for height and shelf location are important in compact areas. Either brackets or floating shelves work well and can be changed as your needs change. For the shelf style, there are many to choose from: freestanding units, glass varieties, floor-to-ceiling towers, small accent shelves. Which you ultimately pick depends on your storage needs, space limitations, and style preferences.

2. Function is Key

Bathroom shelving generally has two purposes — to display decorative items and to be functional for daily needs. In order to accomplish these goals, first decide on what items should be most accessible. For example, makeup, hairbrushes and jewelry all should have a prominent spot on your shelves. In addition, things like cotton balls and cotton swabs can be taken out of their packaging and put into attractive containers for an elevated appearance, while also being easy to reach.

3. Banish Clutter with Bins & Baskets

There’s no argument that open shelving is versatile, but one of its biggest downsides is that it does not hide clutter. Instead, it actually puts it on display for everyone to see. That’s why pretty bins, boxes and baskets are so important to corral small items on open shelves. Keep your containers in a unified color without a lot of different patterns, and try to maintain a nice balance of solid and glass items. Group similar items, like makeup and makeup brushes in one spot, face cleansing pads and cotton swabs in another, and so on. This will not only help your space stay neat and organized, but also help you locate the things you need more easily.

4. Personalize with the Unexpected

Since much of what you’re working with when decorating bathroom shelves is utilitarian in nature, a lot of the focus should be on presenting those items in the best way possible. For example, incorporating vintage and antique treasures in the place of standard plastic bins found in any old store can elevate the look of your shelves and make them appear more sophisticated. Consider adding in other unusual or unexpected items as well, like using a pretty china saucer to hold jewelry or striking wine glasses for organizing makeup tools. Don’t shy away from personalizing your bathroom shelves — the more personalized, the better. Your shelves should be a space that makes you happy, which means adding in fun things that make you smile.

5. Finish with Fresh Flowers

When styling a room — any room — it’s the details that matter. Therefore, if you want your bathroom to look finished, flowers are typically something that makes that statement. All you need are a few stems of something pretty — nothing major. Simply grab a small vase, arrange some fresh flowers and find a spot for them on the bathroom shelf. Another must-have finishing touch for the bathroom? A candle.

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