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7 Bathroom Trends for 2022 That Work With Any Decorating Style

7 Bathroom Trends for 2022 That Work With Any Decorating Style

Because we’re still spending a lot of time at home, function and comfort will continue to be a focus for homeowners in 2022. Expect to see bathroom upgrades like chic accents and harder-working fixtures to modernize outdated designs.

1. Touchless Faucets and Updated Sinks

The Houzz 2021 bath trends report shows that the most popular bathroom upgrade is faucets, with sinks seeing an uptick in replacements since the previous year. Part of the reason? Hand-washing has become a main focus in the last couple years and is inspiring more thought in our hygienic spaces, including bathrooms. Also, homeowners are putting an emphasis on making homes more stylish and inviting, while improving function — enter touchless fixtures. Not only are they more hygienic, but they’re stylish and increase function as well.

2. Natural, Organic Style

Organic style is one that showcases warm, earthy colors, natural materials, and lots of plants. While it broke out as a chic home design theme in 2020, organic style has now reached the top of bathroom styles, up from #3 last year. Plan on seeing accents that complement this style to continue in bathroom designs, particularly those that support a relationship with nature.

One interesting development, noted in a report by the National Association of Homebuilders, is an uptick in using skylights to provide natural light. In addition, Houzz data clearly shows an increase in homeowners incorporating plants into their bathrooms. Expect to see ocean blues and earthy greens in bathrooms this year, leaning more towards a monochromatic color application than bright, contrary palettes.

3. Versatile Storage

Homeowners want better function for their homes — including their baths — which has many going as far as rethinking their existing floor plans. The key motivator? Access to storage space. One feature increasingly in demand by homebuyers is a linen closet located within the main bath. Over the next few years, expect bathroom layouts to expand so that they include things like closets, laundry rooms and dressing areas.

4. Contemporary Touches

Modern accents will be universal in 2022, no matter what a bathroom’s overarching design might be. While most kitchen and bathroom spaces already include a custom blend of elements, incorporating a modern touch is growing in popularity. Try to have fun with it, like installing a happy, modern light fixture to bring an element of surprise. Look for contemporary styles to impact vanity designs, which benefit from the modern sleek lines through easier cleaning and an uncluttered appearance.

5. Tech-Savvy Designs

Integrating technology into bathroom designs to enhance efficiency and comfort continues to increase in popularity by way of touchless faucets and smart toilets. Other tech-savvy trends for 2022 include heated flooring; high-tech shower controls; mobile apps; and digital, wall-mounted interfaces. Also look for upgrades to bath ventilation to be popular, as self-regulating steam- and humidity-sensing exhaust fan technology improves. Smaller-scale smart products like mirrors and scales are expected to start showing up in the bathroom as well.

6. Enhanced Lighting

A huge percentage of homeowners are upgrading their light fixtures in the bathroom, according to Houzz, with gold and black still being popular finish choices. As we begin to see the vintage Edison filament bulb trend begin to fade, expect white glass to step up in its place. Upgrading to sustainable LED lighting will also see an increase in popularity, while self-lit vanity mirrors continue to be a fashionable choice to illuminate baths.

7. Universal Design Principles

Many of the trends we’re seeing for 2022 are linked to universal design principles, the motive behind a large number of bath improvements. According to Houzz, more than 50 percent of bathroom remodels are done to accommodate the needs of groups like young children, those with disabilities, or aging family members. Inclusive design is becoming more mainstream, so expect to see more of it as awareness grows and people move to implement the adaptations needed in their homes.

In the next few years, accessibility is expected to intersect with the currently popular spa-like shower trend. According to Houzz, almost 75 percent of homeowners are already installing luxe fixtures like body sprayers, rainfall showerheads and mood lighting to enhance their shower experience. Merge this with curbless shower entries, shower seats and handheld showers, which are often part of luxury showers but also affiliated with universal design, and you’ll see that the norm will soon be comfortable, barrier-free, curbless showers. They will no longer be considered “wheelchair-accessible” showers, but simply showers for everyone.

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