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7 Decorating Ideas to Make Your Home a Restful Retreat

7 Decorating Ideas to Make Your Home a Restful Retreat

When life gets overwhelming, your home should serve as a personal refuge that brings you comfort. Use these tips to help foster peace and tranquility in your most intimate spaces.

1. Use a Neutral Color Palette

While decorating with color can be exciting and fun, soft, neutral shades are much easier on the eye. Neutral spaces tend to bring the calmest, retreat-like ambience. When using light-toned neutrals to enhance your space (think taupe, cream, or off-white) be sure to integrate lots of texture to generate interest. Basic white walls and featureless white furnishings can merge into monotony, so take the extra steps to layer in different fabrics and subdued patterns. Incorporate warm shades like tan, gold or light yellow to prevent white from coming off too sterile.

2. Create a Burst of Color & Comfort

A few vividly colored accessories like throw blankets and pillows are a great way to add a kick of positivity and joy. Similarly, vibrant artwork, pottery in a favorite hue, jewel-toned glass, and other pieces featuring bold color can help draw the eye and center the mind.

You can enhance the comforting effect treasured accessories provide by grouping them together and making them a focal point. By doing so, you’re hit with the collective happiness of the items every time you walk by. Make certain to choose a spot for your display that you see daily, like a hallway console table or fireplace mantel.

3. Work in Lighting

You should make use of a variety of lighting types in every room, including natural, ambient and task lighting. A space just feels more inviting and polished when it is well lit. To bring more light to the darker areas of your home, consider incorporating a floor lamp, desk lamp, pendants or sconces. During daylight hours, capitalize on any available natural light by opening up the blinds and drapes. A lighting plan for the evening hours should then be developed that is just as effective and engaging as the sun’s rays. For best results, find bulbs that give off a warm, gentle light.

4. Display Happy Memories

Framed photos can transport you to pleasant places and happy memories of the people you love, such as vacation trips to the beach or a family celebration. By surrounding yourself with joyful faces and memories, it will bring warmth and character to the space. Display images of loved ones where you will see them daily, or keep photo albums and photo boxes easily accessible so you can look through them as desired.

5. Add Some Flowers & Plants

Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers, a few houseplants, or an arrangement of flowering tree branches, incorporating vegetation into your space will be like a breath of fresh air. It’s as easy as going outside and gathering some branches and sticking them in a vase. For a simple centerpiece reminiscent of a spa, try filling a wide, shallow bowl halfway with water and placing a few flower blooms on the surface.

Lacking a green thumb? No problem. Hearty houseplant varieties or dried flowers work just as well. Splurge on fresh flowers for special occasions.

6. Highlight an Outdoor View

If you have a gorgeous view from your windows, consider highlighting that feature through well-thought-out window treatments. By layering several treatments, you give yourself options to choose from when creating a look that fits the day. For instance, shades can go up to highlight the view or stay down when privacy is required. A valance over the shade prevents your windows from ever looking too bare, and curtains on each side soften the window’s appearance.

7. Organize Away Disorder

Chaos causes anxiety, so consider getting organized as a way to encourage calmness. A space in disarray or packed to the gills with knick-knacks generates visual tension, and ultimately physical stress. If your home is packed with stuff, consider getting organized by focusing on one area of your home, such as the entryway. Enlist the help of everyone in the household to clear out the clutter. After you’ve decluttered one room, move on to the next space. Not only will it feel great to get the clutter under control, but you’ll be surprised at the extra space you have in each room.

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