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7 Ways to Inject Tropical Style Into Your Home Decor

7 Ways to Inject Tropical Style Into Your Home Decor

Invoke the essence of tropical locales without leaving your own home. Through the use of natural textures, bright colors and fun patterns, you can transform any space into a permanent vacation.

1. Tropical Blues

When settling on a color palette, it’s a good idea to turn to the ocean for inspiration. From light sky-blues to dark navy, these blue colors are key to tropical style. Consider blending them with vibrant greens and yellows for a brilliant tropical display.

2. Woven Elements

The imperfect texture found in woven natural fibers adds an air of informality to coastal rooms. When paired with seagrass or braided abaca, this laidback tropical feel is intensified. Bamboo-inspired details are another island-style mainstay, as are natural-fiber floor coverings like jute, sisal, and seagrass. Their tactile look and feel make them perfect for barefoot living.

3. Vibrant Greens

If we had to choose a single defining characteristic for tropical style, it would have to be the lush green tones of jungly vegetation. Consider incorporating vibrant greens into your color scheme, as well as fabrics featuring tropical foliage. For a more literal addition, try cutting monstera leaves or arranging faux palm fronds in a vase to create an eye-catching table display.

4. Easygoing Comfort

Coastal homes have an easy-breezy feel that puts people at ease. You can amp up this relaxation factor by going with plush furnishings and dreamy sheer curtains. Throw in some natural elements like rattan and raffia and you’ve got a direct link to the outdoors. As you probably know firsthand, the beach and relaxation go hand in hand. By mixing soothing ocean blues with warm sandy tones in a range of textures, you can effectively recreate the beach setting. Matchstick blinds and grass-cloth wallpaper make great additions.

5. Ocean Motifs

Do you have a box full of mementos and souvenirs from your beach vacations? Consider using them as a display. Decor that refers to sea life is a natural fit when it comes to tropical style, but consider incorporating items that aren’t so obvious, like shell-covered votives or a barnacle cluster.

6. Exotic Wildlife

Wall art featuring the wildlife of exotic locales is an easy way to establish a tropical vibe. For example, incorporate artwork showcasing tropical life, such as flamingos, parrots, turtles, toucans, or brightly colored fish. Hang the art above a mantel or entryway table, or simply place it on a bedroom nightstand and let it lean against the wall.

7. Palm Trees

You want to instantly create a relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of your favorite tropical paradise? Then add palm trees. If an actual palm tree is not an option, this iconic motif can be incorporated anywhere in your home through a mural or graphic wall covering. Pair it with grasscloth and rattan for a complete island look.

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