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8 Design Tips for Small Bedrooms

8 Design Tips for Small Bedrooms

Avoid the frustration of designing a small bedroom by looking at these proven tips and tricks, and choosing the ones best for your compact space.

A tiny bedroom may seem like a huge obstacle to overcome, but if you look closely there are actually many positives to focus on, like how a little bit goes a long way. In other words, the small scale of the room allows you to splurge on more expensive furnishings and materials. Keep that in mind as you consider these eight clever design tips to make the most of your tiny bedroom.

1. Incorporate Accessories as Decor

If your compact bedroom is short on storage, consider finding creative ways to incorporate your wardrobe accessories as decor. For example, openly displaying jewelry (which are like mini art pieces), or arranging hats on the wall above your bed for an unexpected artistic statement.

2. Emphasize Width Using Horizontal Planks

Optical illusion, or visual trickery, plays a strong role in effectively designing small areas. An example of this is using horizontal planking on a wall or two of a narrow room to make it feel wider. When done right, the results are astounding.

3. Then, Find a Tall Bed to Emphasize Height

Use the awkward area above your bed to your advantage by incorporating a tall, narrow canopy bed. Not only will this be a stunning addition aesthetically, it will also focus the eye on the room’s height, making it look much taller. The bed will work to highlight high ceilings or make low ones appear taller, so either way it’s a win.

4. Hang Your Plants

You can compromise on many things, but one area you don’t want to sacrifice in your small bedroom is houseplants. Not only do they add a natural touch, but they also bring freshness and give your room a welcoming ambiance. Lacking floor space? No problem. Simply hang your plants from the ceiling. You’ll tap into all their benefits without any of the disadvantages.

5. Don’t Squander Natural Light

Regardless of how tiny your bedroom is, cutting off the natural light by blocking windows with large pieces of furniture or heavy curtains will only make it feel more confined. Instead, pull the furniture away from the windows and install sheer drapes when you can.

Another way to embrace natural light is through mirrors. While it’s well known that mirrors can help make a space feel larger, what is often overlooked is the importance of their placement. Locate big floor mirrors either next to or across from natural light sources like windows. That way the light can reflect and bounce around the room.

6. Buy a Storage Bed or Murphy Bed

Storage beds are a necessity for small bedrooms, plain and simple. While there are many styles available, one featuring a line of drawers across the bottom can effectively take the place of a chest of drawers or serve as a second dresser without hogging up valuable floor space.

If storage isn’t a big issue for you, another way to go with your bed is to have it fold up out of the way when not in use, freeing up floor space for other things. Becoming more and more popular because of the current small living trend, Murphy beds are tried-and-true solutions for compact spaces.

7. Use Bed Placement to Make the Room Look Bigger

When planning your compact bedroom’s layout, pushing your bed up against the wall might seem like a good idea to free up more space. Doing so, however, will actually make the room appear smaller and feel more constricted. Instead, try placing your bed in the center of a wall and allowing equal space on both sides.

A second suggestion, in addition to centering your bed on a wall, is to position the bed across from the entrance. This will send the eye to the farthest spot in the room as you walk in the doorway, which highlights the room size by establishing a visual landing place.

8. Get Creative About Storage

As we all know, it can be tricky finding storage space in a compact bedroom. That’s why it’s important to look to places you normally wouldn’t consider. For example, if you have an awkward stretch of empty wall space near the ceiling, consider installing a really long shelf to hold a collection of books.

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