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8 Nostalgic Color Trends on the Rise

8 Nostalgic Color Trends on the Rise

Do you find that certain shades from the past bring a sense of comfort and happiness? Here are eight rising retro color trends to bring that familiar warmth to your home — with a modern twist, of course.

Earthy Green

Remember the avocado green craze in the 1960s and ‘70s? Well, consider this color today’s answer to that trend. Prepare to find saturated, earthy shades of green showing up more and more, but keep an eye on kitchens especially — even as a bold cabinet color. When choosing an earthy green for your home, be sure to pick one with lots of gray for a nature-inspired color that registers as a neutral.

Denim Blue

This shade of blue is as familiar as your favorite pair of jeans. It goes back to traditional interiors and provides a timelessness, in addition to it being an understated, liveable color. Denim blue’s inherent calming effect is suitable for rooms where a relaxing atmosphere is desired, like bathrooms and bedrooms.


While this muted pink-purple hue harkens back to the ‘80s, it’s making its way back to the top of current color trends. Today’s mauve is used to bring sophistication into dining spaces, living areas, and more. To modernize the color, pair it with deep, muted shades rather than light pastels.


Beige is back! The cool neutrals that have ruled for more than a decade are starting to give way to this well-known favorite. Preferred throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, the warm, light-brown hue now represents nostalgic well-being in today’s interior designs. Use beige with saturated clay tones or subtle blues for a color palette that is relaxed and nature-inspired.


Red served as a reliable paint color during the post-WWII period as people desired homes that were bright and cheerful. Fast-forward to today and red provides impactful color with a classic touch. Use true red for an enthusiastic accent, or go with saturated burgundy tones for a more sophisticated feel.


Vivacious colors like yellow reached their peak during the 1970s, but are starting to make a comeback today. This time, however, we’re seeing shades ranging from pale yellow to deep mustard pop up in homes. If you’re looking for a fresh take on yellow, consider cranking up the potency with a bold shade of citrine or lemon.

Pastel Pink

Pastel pinks were huge in the 1950s, showing up on everything from bathtubs and sinks to bathroom tile. The modern take on this color trend may not be as pervasive as before, but pale pink is definitely growing in popularity for bathrooms once again. Consider pairing pastel pink walls with jet-black to tone down pink’s perceived wholesomeness.

Mint Green

Another pastel that was unbelievably popular during the first part of the 20th century, mint green commonly graced bathrooms and kitchens alike. Historically, stark black and bright white were used to contrast the powdery pastel. For a modern interpretation of this retro color, consider pairing mint green with warm whites and wood tones.

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