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8 Simple Ideas to Transform Your Yard Into a Private Retreat

8 Simple Ideas to Transform Your Yard Into a Private Retreat

Let your backyard serve as a soothing sanctuary that shields you from the daily chaos. Here are eight easy ways to give your yard more privacy.

Raised Beds

Use raised beds or berms to give your plants more power at blocking views. By simply mounding the soil so that it adds a foot or two of height to your plants, your yard will feel much more secluded. In addition, this strategy places average-size plants at eye level. By adding really tall perennials to raised beds, you’ll grow a quick-and-easy living privacy screen.

Tip: If you deal with poor soil, like clay or rocky conditions, raised beds or berms make a great solution.

Lattice Fence

Does putting up a fence around your yard make you feel boxed in or claustrophobic? Consider a lattice fence instead. Lattice is an ideal solution for privacy, without making your yard feel overly closed off. Not only do the semi-open lattice panels allow you to highlight your favorite vines or climbing flowers, but lattice is typically a less expensive fencing option than traditional fence, so you save money as well.

Layered Plantings

The primary goal of adding privacy to a yard is usually to block out your neighbors’ views. But you can also take things a step further and make your outdoor space ultra-secluded through layered plantings. In other words, plant your outdoor vegetation in layers to create a living wall or isolated pockets where your house and other parts of the yard aren’t viewable. That way you’ll feel like you’re escaping without actually having to go anywhere.

Living Wall

Plant a hedge for a gorgeous green living wall. Try to find evergreen varieties, like arborvitae, in order to maintain year-round privacy, or consider ones that may lose their foliage in the winter months but compensate for it by providing eye-catching blooms or striking fall color.

Tip: For a hedge that is low-maintenance, choose a plant variety that is suitable for your climate and tops out at the ideal height and width for your particular situation.

Container Garden Solution

Large, prominent container gardens are very effective at creating privacy, particularly in compact outdoor spaces like patios and decks. Plant varieties and container options are nearly endless so you can easily find what you need for your landscape style.

Plant Throughout Your Yard

It’s common for homeowners to plant shrubs and trees either around the outside perimeter of their yard or close to the home as a foundation planting. However, a more successful screening strategy is to distribute trees and shrubs throughout the landscape.

Tip: For small yards, consider using columnar varieties since they grow tall without the width.

Keep It Simple

Fencing doesn’t necessarily have to run uninterrupted along the whole length or perimeter of your landscape. Instead, consider using it strategically by installing a panel or two right where you need them. Not only is this a way to save money, but it also can boost curb appeal.

Tip: Try adding a fresh coat of paint to your fence panels to help them stand out and appear more like a deliberate design feature. Use them to support a beautiful climbing rose, or an espaliered small tree or shrub.

Mix Things Up

You can use more than one strategy to create privacy in your outdoor space. In fact, using multiple screening types will keep your landscape interesting. For example, coupling a pretty fence with a low hedge and a tall tree to shield a patio from view.

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