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8 Small Dining Room Decorating Ideas

8 Small Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Transform a compact dining room into a welcoming spot to gather with these creative tips and techniques — regardless of if you’re dealing with a room, kitchen corner, nook, or just a small stretch of empty wall.

Tuck Between Kitchen & Great Room

Is your kitchen attached to an open great room? Just a few design moves can give you a small dining room in the space in-between. One way is to simply extend the kitchen floor tile out into the living room area a bit. Pick a dining set with clean lines that won’t take up a lot of room, and use a light fixture above the table to define the eating area. Employing a compact bench with cushions is an easy way to get some extra seats as well as a sense of comfort.

Incorporate Style

Making use of bright colors and natural light can help a small dining room appear larger. Incorporating small-scale dining room furniture is also a big help, particularly a round pedestal table and simple, low-profile chairs. Visually separate the dining space from surrounding areas by placing layered rugs beneath the table.

Space-Savvy Setup

Get shrewd with your square footage and transform a blank expanse of wall into a cozy dining spot. To begin, find a cozy cushioned bench that can seat two or more people. Next, maximize the compact space with a round table that features an efficient base and can accommodate more chairs if necessary. Delineate the area by hanging wall art above the bench. Finish off the dining area with a pair of streamlined chairs. This setup is especially useful for really tight spaces, such as an apartment.

Find a Compact Dining Set

A small dining table that has a bench is a great way to add function and style to a really compact spot. You can maximize the available floor space by pushing the bench against the wall, and then get the illusion of airiness by using caned or woven chairs. Narrow furniture legs are another way to help keep things feeling open.

Define Your Dining Space

If your home’s floor plan is narrow, then making a dining area can be tricky. The easiest way is to use a big area rug under a small dining set to define the space. Once again, the simple, clean lines of contemporary furniture provide space-saving benefits, in addition to style.

Add Wall Treatments

Add interest to a tiny dining room with an eye-catching wall treatment like wainscoting or board and batten. For something really unusual, consider extending wainscoting two-thirds of the way up the wall and topping it with a light color. The light, two-tone walls can then offset darker colors on chair seats and window treatments, which adds dimension.

Carve Out a Nook

It’s not unusual for small dining rooms to be made from little nooks carved out of bigger areas. To keep your dining space unified with the adjacent rooms, try to use similar design elements. For example, if the nearby kitchen has a black-and-white color palette, simply adopt that same color scheme but add a hue to distinguish it, like plum accents.

Consider a Booth

Incorporating a dining booth is a great way to encourage conversation and relaxation, while also making efficient use of limited corner space. If it’s possible to include windows in your design, by all means do it. Windows help expand the view outside, creating a more roomy feel. Be sure to use a basic pedestal table — no legs on each corner — so that the booth is easy to get in and out of.

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