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9 Clever Kitchen Decorating Ideas

9 Clever Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Give your kitchen a refresh without a full-blown remodel by using these easy and affordable decorating tips.

1. Fabric Fun

In a neutral kitchen, try putting your windows to work as a place to inject color and pattern. To coordinate the look, find a fabric that features a hue already present elsewhere in the space. For example, echo a color from your backsplash or dinnerware. An easy-care fabric is the best choice for window treatments, as they can be washed as needed.

2. Go Vertical

Function often beats out style when it comes to kitchens, which doesn’t leave much room for creative decorating. That being said, one often overlooked area to use for display is the space above your cupboards. It’s a prime spot to add some personality without infringing on valuable storage or counter space. Think about scale as you pick out items to display. Too tall, and it will look crowded and awkward, too small, and the item will get lost up there. One idea that works well is to use oversized letters. Not only do they fill the space nicely, but they also catch the eye and draw it upward.

3. Warm Wood

Since kitchens are known for their cold surfaces, like slick appliances and stone countertops, consider adding some visual warmth through wood finishes. Some simple updates include a high-top table and chairs, or wood floors.

4. Lighting Upgrade

Sufficient lighting is essential to support the functionality of a kitchen, but can also be a great way to incorporate some style. With so many options out there nowadays, it’s possible to use your light fixtures to make a real statement. Combine several different types of lighting — ambient (overhead), task (undercounter or spotlights) and natural light (windows or skylight) — to get the best result.

5. Art Infusion

Just because a kitchen requires high functionality doesn’t mean it has to lack style. A simple wall refresh can do wonders for giving your kitchen a chic upgrade. Exhibit artwork in the kitchen the same way you would in a bedroom or living room. Food-related images like retro grocer signs, are a nice touch, or a pretty floral painting invokes a more graceful flair.

6. Bold Island Color

Don’t go through the hassle of painting all of your cabinets, simply paint your kitchen island for a fast and meaningful update. Go with a bold hue or pick a color that contrasts with the cabinets in the kitchen. Accessorize throughout the kitchen with items featuring the same color for a cohesive look.

7. Stylish Shelf Support

Streamlined floating shelves are perfect in a modern kitchen, but when put in a more traditional-style room, the shelves look more at home when classic-looking supports are added. For example, consider installing ornate carved wood brackets or ones made from iron scrollwork beneath the shelves for a timeless look. The brackets don’t have to actually support the shelf, just their visual appeal is enough.

8. Bonus Storage Space

Turn the area in front of a window into bonus storage by mounting shelves across the space. You can either secure the shelves to the wall on either side of the window or anchor them to the sides of adjacent upper cabinets. This convenient solution also helps conceal an outdoor view that isn’t very nice while still allowing natural light to shine in through the window.

9. Showcase One Wall

The end wall of a long, narrow galley kitchen can easily become a focal point by painting it a bold color. A rich, contrasting hue will lead the eye through the entire kitchen, making the space seem longer. Try to find a color that either enhances or contrasts the colors already present in the room. If your kitchen is small, then this is a project that can be done in a weekend.

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