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9 Expected Home Design Trends for 2022

9 Expected Home Design Trends for 2022

Be sure to keep your eyes open, as you’ll probably be seeing more of these nine home design trends as we head into the new year.

1. Style That Lasts

People continue to become more environmentally conscious. As a result, expect to see less of a “throw away” attitude in decorating choices and more of one dedicated to developing a long-lasting style that is personal, unique, and good for the environment.

2. A Turn to Vintage

While the return to vintage styles will be less about aesthetics and more about the current supply chain issues, repurposing older furniture and decorative pieces is never a bad thing. Not only is going vintage more sustainable, it’s also easy on the wallet.

As far as what styles will be hot in 2022, the trademark peg legs of midcentury furniture still have the country captivated, as well as extremely textured fabrics and teak wood tones. Also, look to the 1970’s for color inspiration: mustard yellow, sage green and terracotta orange.

3. More Color & Fun Prints

After a few years of subdued fabrics taking center stage, vibrant color and fun prints are coming back for everyday furniture. People are starting to embrace colorfully printed fabrics on upholstered chairs, sofas and window treatments, resulting in a bold, fun space full of personality. In addition, 2022 will see an uptick in greens, mauves, blues and yellows on walls, doors and trim.

4. Enhanced Outdoor Living Spaces

Building on the outdoor living space trend of 2021, expect more people to jump onto this bandwagon and enhance their outdoor areas. These expanded spaces will be intentionally designed, which means style takes center stage, as does blurring the lines between outdoor and indoor living spaces. The best part? More chic outdoor-rated furniture options.

5. More Multipurpose Spaces

Families are beginning to see that they can live with less, so downsizing is something to watch for this year, as well as getting creative with how existing space is used. For example, turning a corner of the living room into a part-time office or transforming an extra room into a multipurpose office/workout area.

Streamlined Aesthetic

As people begin downsizing and paring down their belongings, the purposeful, well-functioning and high-designed pieces are expected to stay, as they allow more freedom and control simultaneously. Streamlined homes will also take on an eco-conscious role as people embrace reducing their excesses and strive toward smaller carbon footprints.

Alternative Home Concepts

With the younger generations having a strong focus on sustainability, it follows that they will value homes that have strong sustainable characteristics, from the structure itself to the furnishings inside. In general, Millennials and Gen Z will buy smaller (due to their values as well as the current market) and build their style around minimalism. As this translates to real life, we may see them seek out tiny homes, container homes, or even a transitory lifestyle where they live on the road in a mobile home or customized van. In other words, home may not be the normal structures that we’ve come to expect.

Houseplant Heaven

One indisputable lesson from the past couple years is that plants make people happy. In 2022, the plant trend is expected to continue strong as large trees find homes in kitchens and living rooms. In addition, look for an uptick in oversized planters in natural hues, made from natural materials like ceramic, jute and concrete.

Focus on Wellness

Another trend that will carry on into the new year is dedicating extra room in the house for thoughtful spaces that promote calm, quiet relaxation. These areas can be a place for reflection, meditation, and even contain a yoga mat or massage table. A lot has been uncovered in the last decade on how our structured environments impact our productivity, health and general mental state. This newly found awareness continues to reflect in home and interior design.

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