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Easy Ways to Brighten Up Your Kitchen With Color

Easy Ways to Brighten Up Your Kitchen With Color

If a full renovation isn’t an option right now, or you’re living in a rental where major upgrades are prohibited, here are some simple ideas to brighten up your kitchen using color — without breaking the bank.

Incorporate a Vibrant Window Treatment

Installing a new window treatment is a high-impact change that can completely transform the look of your entire kitchen. This is especially true if you pair the treatment with one notable accessory of the same color, such as an eye-catching vase, a brightly colored small appliance, or set of colorful bowls.

Invest in a Showstopping Sink

If your budget is tight, consider putting all the money into one showstopping piece: your sink. It’s true that high-end cast-iron and fireclay sinks can be quite expensive, but there are stainless steel sinks coated in porcelain that are lightweight, durable and affordable. Certain models come in fun colors like navy blue, lemon yellow, and mint green.

Boost the Background

For an immediate enhancement, consider painting the inside of an open cabinet with a bright color, such as sunny yellow. Not only will it become a natural focal point, it’ll highlight whatever treasures you choose to display there.

Add Color Under Your Feet

Rather than spending time and energy in search of the perfect area rug, try using carpet tiles to build your own vibrant aesthetic. A small budget can yield a huge look when you go modular. For example, just a half-dozen FLOR® tiles can create a 10-foot runner or a 3’ x 5’ rug. The best part? The individual carpet tiles run as little as $8 each.

Choose Living Color

While it’s true that a small herb garden will bring color to your kitchen, that’s not all it can do. Taste, scent and a dynamic element are added as well. If countertop space is at a premium in your kitchen, consider a stylish wall-mounted system instead of standard pots.

Paint an Accent Wall

Using your existing kitchen decor, current trending colors, or even your favorite foods, settle on a color that suits your kitchen space and paint a single accent wall. This high-impact move will completely transform the room.

Freshen Up Your Seating

Update your tired, matching kitchen chairs and barstools with something a little more exciting. It doesn’t matter how you do it — replace them with a colorful new set, paint them, or add cushions or slipcovers to them — just as long as the end result is something full of interest and fun.

Display Vibrant Linens

Cute, inexpensive and effective, a set of vibrant hand towels can give your kitchen a boost for pennies. And you don’t have to stick with the standard oven door handle to display them. Use pegs or hooks on a floating wall shelf to hang pretty linens — don’t forget to include oven mitts and aprons — or try lining a wooden bowl on the countertop with them for a more saturated display.

Swap Out Hardware

Exchange those boring cabinet knobs and drawer pulls with hardware that dazzles. Specialty hardware is available in eye-catching designs, finishes, and materials, like glass. Sleek and vibrant artisan-glass hardware is the perfect way to inject some color and personality into your kitchen.

Refresh Your Light Fixtures

A simple decorating truth that many don’t realize is that light fixtures don’t necessarily have to blend in with your decor. They can be bold and take center stage — such as a bright pair of yellow hanging pendants. Repeat that yellow elsewhere in the kitchen, with a flower arrangement or bowl of lemons, and you’ve achieved a cohesive look with very little effort.

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