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Put an End to Utility Closet Clutter for Good

Put an End to Utility Closet Clutter for Good

Use these 10 savvy storage solutions and organizing tips to get the clutter out of your utility closet once and for all.

Add Shelves

Organized closet storage is a must for keeping clutter under control. For compact closets that cannot accommodate standard-sized shelving, it’s a good idea to add a custom, scaled-down unit for storage. This option provides dedicated shelf space for storing cleaning supplies, accessories and more.

Turn to Hooks or Pegs

Entryway spaces are well-known for their use of hooks and pegs as a quick and easy storage solution. The same idea applies to closets. Hooks are perfect for hanging things like flashlights, dustpans and small step stools. Just be sure not to exceed any weight limitations so your hooks don’t pull out of the wall.

Similarly, lining the back wall of your closet with a classic pegboard is a great idea if you have many items to hang up. Pegboards are versatile, convenient and easy to rearrange to make room for added items.

Don’t Forget the Door

Every bit of your utility closet should be maximized — even the door. Consider mounting a hanging rack on the back of the closet door (or the back wall of the closet) to provide extra room for stashing smaller things, like rags and cleaning gloves.

Consolidate Leftover Paint

Because temperature changes aren’t good for paint, it should not be stored in the garage. Instead, find a spot for it under the sink or in a utility closet. To maximize space, get rid of those awkward gallon cans and consolidate the paint into smaller containers that are airtight.

Lock Up Chemicals

To steer clear of any damage from spills and leaks, chemicals and cleaners should be stored at the bottom of your utility closet. Be sure to keep them out of reach from children by placing them in storage containers featuring airtight lids and the ability to be locked.

Install a Curtain Rod or Towel Rack

A popular storage hack you may have seen before, consider installing a curtain rod or tension rod at the bottom of your closet to hang towels, cleaning gloves or spray bottles. No room for a full curtain rod? No problem. Simply install a towel rack instead. To maximize efficiency, try adding small, hangable cups to corral smaller items.

Corral Nuts and Bolts

A unit of flip-out bins are the perfect solution for organizing tiny nuts, bolts and screws. Label the bins so you know exactly where every stray bolt goes.

Think Vertical

A handy wall-mounted rack is a great way to keep your mops and brooms from cluttering up your closet floor. Inexpensive and useful for all of your long-handled cleaning tools, racks are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. There are even ones that accommodate smaller items as well, like dustpans.

Increase Accessibility

It’s common for things to get pushed to the back of the closet, which makes it difficult to see (and remember) what you have. One way to combat this is through modular baskets. Consider finding ones that come in several different sizes with a universal lid, so they can be customized and stacked to fit your space.

An alternative to the modular basket system is the use of plastic tubs. Clear ones can be found in a range of sizes that stack and are see-through, so it’s easy to spot the contents and organize items by category.

Use a Shoe Organizer

Shoe organizers aren’t just for shoes. They are useful for many things, like storing bottles of cleaning supplies or cans of spray paint. If you cannot hang the shoe rack on the back of the door, try folding it up like an accordion and storing it on a shelf. This method works well for storing camping provisions or emergency-response items.

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