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Slow Decorating: A Mindful Technique for Timeless & Sustainable Style

Slow Decorating: A Mindful Technique for Timeless & Sustainable Style

Have you heard of slow decorating? This trend centers on taking your time and holding out for the pieces you truly want, rather than filling a space just for the sake of filling it. Here’s what you need to know.

It may be tempting to get everything finished quickly when decorating, especially when giving a room a refresh or moving into a larger home. Empty walls and large spans of open floor space can be unnerving to some. When in these situations, most turn to inexpensive (oftentimes poorly made) items to fill the space and have a finished home right away. But taking your time instead might actually be a better plan. Referred to as slow decorating, this home design trend uses mindful choices as a foundation — encouraging quality pieces that will last and opposing the pressure to settle for a lesser finished room quickly.

Slow Decorating – What Is It?

In a nutshell, slow decorating is the process of relaxingly curating an ideal space for yourself over time. There is no rush or pressure to complete your home quickly. Instead, it encourages you to take your time, become familiar with the space, and develop a style of your own. It’s true that “slow” refers to decorating speed, but it can also be applied to a bigger concept encapsulated in the trend: the evolution of style and areas of your home over time. That’s why homeowners are urged to only purchase items they truly love and want to keep and use.

If you’re familiar with the slow fashion movement, where quality over quantity is encouraged and the focus is on investing in quality products rather than those made from lesser materials that damage easily and are often considered disposable, then you’ll see the parallels of slow decorating.

Slow decorating is very eco-friendly. Investing in top-shelf products means less waste, since products won’t break or wear out as easily. Slow decorating embraces antiques, second-hand purchases of quality pieces, and reupholstering or updating older items so they can continue to be of use. It includes buying items made from sustainable materials, environmentally conscious companies, and eco-friendly processes.

Benefits of Slow Decorating

Acquiring furnishings with intention gives you a deeper connection to the things you surround yourself with. Slow decorating involves authenticity, which is unrivaled by other decorating trends. Here are a few other benefits:

Less Stress: When facing a wide open, empty room, there’s a lot of pressure to fill it up and have a finished room as fast as possible, in addition to quickly settling on a style of decorating. Slow decorating gives people time to know themselves and the space, and to come up with a personal decorating style that fits both perfectly.

Allows for Budgeting: Purchases can be made one at a time so it’s possible to save up for quality pieces rather than spreading out available funds over a lot of lesser-quality items. Your purchases may be more pricey, but you’ll be able to save up and budget for them. In addition, it’s possible that you’ll end up paying less in the long run since the pieces you buy will last longer than cheap, trendy items that break easily and are out of style quickly.

Timeless Style: Arguably the most appealing benefit of slow decorating is its ability to safeguard your home from trends. Because slow decorating encourages thoughtfulness, the items you purchase innately feature a more timeless quality. And when you don’t pigeonhole your style to a singular trend, it’s much easier to add or remove items in the future. Also, by combining vintage items, rich textures, and high-end items, you elevate the bargain-priced, mass-produced pieces in your home. It’s this eclectic approach that gives slow decorating its high-end, timeless aesthetic.

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