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Sure-Fire Bathroom Paint Colors for 2022

Sure-Fire Bathroom Paint Colors for 2022

Use these trending shades in your bathroom to create a quiet haven that you’ll never want to leave.

From pink-tinged whites and soft blues to darker, more cocoon-like colors, these foolproof hues provide the perfect backdrop for a refuge-like space ideal for soothing self-care.

Greens and Blues

As unofficial colors of the year, these two shades made the top of the list for bathroom color. Pale greens and soothing blues have always been desirable bathroom hues, but their popularity is even stronger now. In fact, because of the sense of calmness, restoration and balance they provide — all things homeowners are seeking in the midst of global uncertainty — cool-toned shades in general are on the rise. In a bathroom setting, consider finding balance with blue and green walls through light and neutral cabinetry, tile, and decorative elements like hardware, lighting, bath mats, and towels. For example, use soft whites, light-washed wood, stone, cotton, and warm metal colors to help amplify a relaxing vibe.

Warmer Whites

While crisp white paint in the bathroom may feel clean and fresh, warmer whites can bring feelings of peace and serenity. In other words, it’s important to think about choosing the right undertones to get the end result you’re after. For instance, white with a subtle hint of pink is not only flattering, but also invokes a comforting nostalgic feel. Creamy off-white paint with a touch of blush works beautifully with casual neutrals, warm rustic wood tones, and woven accent pieces to bring a bit of vintage charm.

Deep Darks

Using a rich, saturated color in a dim room will create a jewel-box feel. Bathrooms make an ideal place to test adventurous color because of their small size. Dramatic shades may be unexpected, but provide the same comforting quality found in the more mainstream color choices. For example, create a soothing sanctuary by pairing midnight blue with copper or brass accents and grey-veined flooring or countertops.

Energetic Reds

Bold reds, pinks and oranges are also unexpected bathroom color choices, but they all have the ability to channel that fresh, early morning energy. Those looking for a refreshing boost to their everyday morning routine, as well as a way to incorporate more vibrant hues to their home’s palette, can’t go wrong with warm reds. Adding a subtle hint of pink or orange to the red can prevent it from coming off too dramatic and more cheery. Allow the color to stand alone as the focal point by using classic white tiles and brushed black accents for contrast.

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