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This Year’s Top Lighting Trends

This Year’s Top Lighting Trends

Find out what homeowners are looking for when it comes to lighting this year — materials, finishes and concepts. See how you can work them into your own home design!

Whether prominent or understated, the lighting in our home influences how it feels. It’s a key factor in a room’s design and can be used to add style and personality, in addition to function. Here are the top lighting trends that will illuminate homes this year, and in years to come.

Bold, Statement Lighting

Because lighting design is seeing more timeless, personal and expansive creative efforts, this year’s fixtures want to be seen. Large, eye-catching designs are taking the place of those meant to blend in or vanish completely. Go big, go bold and let your lighting take center stage. This sentiment is true even in areas that have been previously overlooked, like closets. Use high-style pendants, ceiling-mount fixtures, or chandeliers to turn a dressing space into something more than mere storage.

Art Deco-Inspired Fixtures

The height of the Art Deco craze was in the 1920s and 1930s, yet its impact still remains today. Dubbed “newstalgia,” it’s no secret that people are turning to the past for the latest wellspring of design inspiration. When it comes to lighting, this trend is manifesting as Art Deco and revamped traditional designs. Stylized florals, geometric shapes, sunburst motifs are all part of this trend and fit in remarkably well in the rooms of today.

Natural Elements

Nature has become a bigger part of our lives due to the trials presented by the pandemic. Lighting design is meeting this trend with the inclusion of more natural materials and shapes; embracing nature indoors. An easy way to incorporate natural elements into your home is to pick a fixture that features flowers, leaves or antlers.

Well-Planned Outdoor Lighting

From fun plug-in string lights to stunning hardwired plans, outdoor lighting is helping make open-air spaces as livable as indoor rooms. Before now, exterior spaces were always taken for granted, with outdoor lighting being an afterthought. Now homeowners understand the value of the outdoors and have a new appreciation for these “bonus” spaces. When planning how to illuminate outdoor areas, we all know the benefits of uplighting, but landscape and exterior lighting has grown to be so much more than that, and now include chandeliers, LED path strips, and specialty fixtures. Comfortable levels of lighting are key to effective outdoor living areas, in addition to security and flexibility.

Matte Black

Inject streamlined sophistication into your home by adding matte black fixtures. You can find them in styles ranging from super modern to retro. Make the most of this lighting trend by honing in on contrast. Pair shiny and satiny metals with matte black finishes to make them stand out.

Shaped Bulbs

Bulb shapes are becoming a thing. Where lightbulbs used to be hidden, they are now being showcased. In fact, we are starting to see lightbulb selections include more than just the two or three basic shapes. To make a strong impact in your space, consider finding bulbs that mimic the shape of the fixture. Also, be sure to note the distance between sockets to ensure the best overall appearance.

Stone Materials

While stone is typically seen on surfaces like floors and countertops, it’s now making its way into lighting design as well. Especially popular are the more sophisticated, neutral materials like alabaster, white marble, travertine, and ceramic. With one-of-a-kind swirls and streaks that look simply beautiful when illuminated, these materials bring a natural warmth to fixtures. Keep your eyes open for offerings that feature translucent stone, like alabaster. Because the light passes through them, they boast an ethereal glow.

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