Tuesday , November 29 2022

This Year’s Top Outdoor Living Trends

This Year’s Top Outdoor Living Trends

Whether your outdoor space is compact or sprawling, use these top trends to make it just as functional and stylish as the inside of your home.

Outdoor living designs these days are leaning more towards everyday use, as opposed to weekend get-togethers or the occasional grill-out in the summer. In fact, a lot of homeowners now rely on their outdoor areas for extra living space, a tranquil retreat, and a much-needed contact with nature. More and more activities are moving outdoors, like work, cooking, dining, relaxing and entertaining.

To satisfy these new preferences, outdoor living trends are moving to incorporate the convenience, style and comfort of home interiors. Use these top trends to get the full potential out of your outdoor living spaces.

Outdoor Work-From-Home Setups

Remote work is one lifestyle change that is here to stay for many, and homeowners are giving their work-from-home setups a whole new outlook. While improvised workstations in the living room or dining room were seen a lot over the last couple years, this year is about moving the office outdoors. The biggest benefit? Alfresco workspaces carve out room for work, homework, craft projects and more without using up valuable indoor square footage. It’s as simple as moving a desk onto the deck or turning an outdoor shed into your own private office.

Well-Defined Outdoor Rooms

Increasingly, homeowners are treating their decks, patios and other outdoor areas as structured rooms that act as extra living space. This trend is pushing a rise in outdoor furnishings that support a room-like atmosphere, like integrated seating and overhead structures that not only provide shade but also a “ceiling.” Pergola kits are seeing a major surge in popularity in comparison to the previous year, as homeowners try to find ways to reign in outdoor areas while still preserving that open-air feel.

Patterns Underfoot

Adding pattern to outdoor surfaces is comparable to using a vivid area rug to bring new life to a living room or bathroom. Homeowners are starting to use stenciled designs to freshen up concrete patios, and paint striking patterns on deck boards. For a pattern that is more permanent, consider laying two colors of patio pavers in a geometric arrangement or bypassing the pavers altogether and using eye-catching cement tiles.

Chic Seating

Interior furniture trends are expected to make their way outdoors as well this season. Curvy styles and trending natural textures that are already firmly established in living room designs are now migrating onto porches and patios. Internet searches for bistro chairs and outdoor egg chairs in particular are seeing a huge jump, which tells us that standard outdoor furniture is getting a major style upgrade. Keep an eye out for outdoor seating and accents that feature woven textures and rounded forms to make the most of this trend.

Backyard Retreats

Due to inflation and ongoing restrictions, travel continues to be problematic for many, making staycations more attractive than ever. Equipping your backyard with luxurious, resort-style features is a great way to get that relaxing retreat without all the travel hassles. Simple upgrades like a water feature for soothing ambience, laidback seating and outdoor heaters allow you to comfortably extend the hours spent outside. Looking for the ultimate backyard escape? Consider investing in a pool or spa.

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