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Tips and Tricks for Finding the Perfect Rug

Tips and Tricks for Finding the Perfect Rug

A rug has the ability to transform the personality of a room, which is why it’s important to find the right one. Use these tips and tricks to find a rug that maximizes the potential of your space.

1. Establish Size and Scale

Shopping smart has many rewards, so before setting off on your rug search, be sure to get accurate measurements of your space. Keep in mind that calculating proper dimensions means taking into account not only the scale of the room, but also your furniture. That’s why it might be a good idea to have your furniture picked out before hunting down a rug.

In the living room, the standard rule is that all furniture should fit on the rug, or at least overlap the rug. What exactly does this mean? Your rug should not appear as though it’s a little island with just a coffee table on it. As for the dining room, try leaving a buffer of two to three feet between the dining chairs and the bare floor. In addition, to prevent blocking air vents, try to always leave at least a foot between the rug and the wall.

2. Show Up Prepared

Once your measurements have been documented, there are other important things to have on hand when rug shopping. Snap some photos of the room the rug will occupy, and gather together fabric swatches and paint samples. All of these things will help turn what can be an overwhelming shopping experience into one that is enjoyable. In addition, they’ll ensure you settle on a rug that is worth the investment.

3. Take Function and Finances Into Account

Although rugs made from natural materials like sisal and jute are great from a financial point of view, they don’t make the best choice for high-traffic areas because of how difficult they are to clean. The same thinking applies to spaces used frequently by pets and children. A better option might be a wool rug. Although wool is more expensive, it’s also more hard-wearing and much easier to clean.

4. Don’t Fear Color and Pattern

People tend to fear committing to color because of the financial investment involved in purchasing a rug. They want to love the rug for a long time, and sometimes color and pattern can be limiting. That being said, if you find a colorful or patterned rug that you absolutely love, go for it. It’s always possible to give the room a budget-friendly facelift with new throw pillows or a fresh coat of paint.

Take note: Gorgeously patterned Turkish rugs are seeing a comeback due to their timeless look, longevity and surprising livability. Not only do they hide dirt and spills well, but they are also very easy to maintain. These are the types of rugs that become family heirlooms.

5. Consider Layers

If you’re having trouble fitting that beautiful twelve-by-ten antique rug into your budget, another option might be to layer a big, less expensive rug made from natural fibers or low-pile wool with a smaller patterned piece. This is a good way to get that vibrant influx or color without investing a large sum of money or making a huge style commitment. For rooms that are exceptionally big or have an odd shape, it’s possible to have a local flooring supplier or carpet showroom cut a custom-sized rug to layer underneath.

6. A Rug Pad is Non-Negotiable

Not only do rug pads protect the floors underneath, they also prolong the life of your rug. Not sure what kind to get? Many designers recommend a felt rug pad that is an eighth- or a quarter-of-an-inch thick. Be sure to order a pad that is slightly larger than your rug so that you can cut it to the perfect size.

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